Will Blacks Spiritually Transform Once Back In Africa?

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The actual facts documented and recorded about the African continent and its birthing of African people on the rich lands and soils in which we were seeded, has contributed to more volumes of writings by scholars, theologians and philosophers than any other place or topic in the literary world. Africans and those of the Diaspora are remarkable people, blessed to have been given custodianship and environmental control of the third largest continent in the world by the authority of the natural forces of natural nature for us to exist and thrive on as the caretakers of all the wealth and resources of the world. This is all by the authority of the natural design and designers of natural nature.

With this natural design and divine placement, foreign races have maintained a perpetual siege upon the continent by foreign invading forces for hundreds of years, all to disrupt this order and rob Africa of its glory. There are certain realities that Africans must be aware of as it relates to the day and age that we are in, that is that there is a transformation of our species that is upon us as a whole, and the success of that transformation is predicated upon several principles in nature, one principle that all of our African leaders who spoke specifically on the conditions of us and the solution, knew and were aware of the necessity of Africans of the diaspora removing ourselves from an environment that continually perpetrates our suppression, abuse and demise.

To begin, there is scientific proof that Africans genetics have been programmed with trauma and abuse memories. When you consider the four hundred years plus bondage and the continuity of the atrocities and crimes in the environment in which these acts have taken place, the memories of a vast majority of events are stored in a ‘Morphic Resonance Field’, which is the process in which self-organizing systems such as human beings biological inheritance of habitual behaviors and it’s memory is inherited and passed on by your ancestors through the collective memories of members within the same system of thinking, this process is called ‘morphic resonance’. If you refer to Intelligent Design or Divine Design or Plot of Aliens? by H.E. Dr. Malachi Z. K. York you will see that in 61-62 in part, pg.19

  1. You must know that the term morphic resonance, that is self-organizing system inherit a memory from previous similar systemsand things you taste, it becomes part of your Yakhas-aat ‘Genes’.
  2. Morphic resonance is to know that the rules of nature are much more like Taamal-aat ‘Actions’, Faakur ‘Thinking’ and Shaaar-aat ‘Feelings’.
  3. What you are and what you remember is not only stored in your Damagh ‘Brain’ yet in every cell of you….

That reality is what we must consider, the effects that the 400 year past recycled stored memories of traumas in your bodies system inherited from victimized and raped ancestors have upon us as a whole and our offspring in the future.

  1. The assumption that you will not genetically be affect by others you come in contact with physically or mentally or programmed by is another fallacy, a lie.
  2. Cinema, Tal-faz ‘Television’, Masak ‘Music’, ‘Voices’, ‘Colours’, smells, and environment all affect your innerand outer being…

When we as a race, continue to exist in an abusive environment while sharing the same space, air, food, education, schools etc. of the perpetrators of the abuses, we signal to our entire system that the atrocities, attempted ethnocide, or genocides overt and covert plans of destruction are acceptable upon us and that we give tacit consent to the acts in continuity, we therefore are creating habitual acceptance of the abuse that our systems has become addicted to over time. The primary source of the addiction and acceptance is mainly because of the surges of chemical responses and reactions that your brain and your body has secreting from your endocrine systems gland, this protect you from the threats that you and your ancestors has and have faced every day. Whether the trauma was self-inflicted or outside forced, those behavioral memories of a species and biological inheritance are passed within the genes, though it is not necessarily ‘coded’ in the genes, much of the behavioral memories are passed within the Morphic resonance, (the word Morphic comes from the Greek word meaning ‘form’) previous members species, thus each African inherits a collective memory and also contribute to the collective memory affecting other members of the species in the future. The effects of this type of modifications upon the genes turns genes on and off and effects how the genes are read by the body, depending upon the various factors mentioned above.  This science is called ‘Epigenetic’. Refer to article Epigenetics Definition and Examples, June 24, 2013.

‘Epigenetics literally means “above” or “on top of” genetics. It refers to external modifications to DNA that turn genes “on” or “off.” These modifications do not change the DNA sequence, but instead, they affect how cells “read” genes.’

 These scientific findings, leads us to know that all that we have experienced within the past six generations particularly in the west that in order to heal and remove the spell of self-hate and persecutorial programming, heal the various other abuses that we have to completely change our environment, to one of healing and transformation. Africans of the diaspora were and are being used as a part of a cynical plan by members of  so-called elite white brotherhoods to breed a new being created in ‘their image and after their likeness’ in a new environment unfamiliar to them where they could be controlled and monitored, kept in check by a check. This four-hundred-year process has been successful, and this new bred being would no longer be in his or her right mind.

  1. It took the White race in the western world 400 years from 1600 A.D. to 2000 A.D. to change Africans into Negros; mental slaves who worship their image seek to look like them…excerpt from Intelligent Design, Divine Design or Plot of Aliens? by Dr. Malachi Z. K. York. Pg. 32

This plan was further enforced by them mixing their blood into the gene of African to have mulatto children to strengthen their genes called ‘tying into the vine’ The spreading of the mental and physical disease within our species was covertly carried out within institutional processes, discriminating against the advancement of Africans to maintain superiority woven into a society where the captured victims were held in an environment conducive for the perpetrators to carry out the same atrocities continually. The question becomes how can we rid ourselves of these memories or how do we alter how the affects of these actions are having upon us in the future?

Return Home to Africa!

What Africans, blacks have become and inherited through this breeding process storing these memories in your genes as trauma and abuses, the effect it has had on you biologically will never change unless you change it. We must remember that you have a divine code in your genes, that has its own ‘residence’ and its own ‘resonant’. Therefore its important to Return Home to Africa because your natural environment, which is the lands of the continent, and the natural foods, spices, weather, natural sounds instruments and indigenous tones have an amazing healing of the body down to the cellular level. The re-harmonizing that you will begin to partake of once your ‘Return Home’ will restore the lost memories of you ancestors that have been weakened by the breeding process off of the continent. You will be restored and transformed back into the deities and gods you were once were. An Africans ‘epigenome’ is the record of all chemical changes to the DNA. Overstand that the ‘resonant frequencies’ of Africa’s environment is agreeable to your natural vibrations, with these factors being back in your natural environment will reprogram ‘Epigenome’, by one absorbing the transmitted natural nine ether energies that are present in the fields of resonance and passed on into your consciousness effecting your genetics in a transformative way. In part, Intelligent Design pg. 30

  1. The Epigenome signaling can happen from inside a cell from neighboring cells or from the change in one’s environment entirely outside the cell.
  2. …throughout one’s life Epigenomic activity is triggered by what is happening in the outside worldshutting down or activating certain sets of genes.

So, yes it’s an Actual Fact that your environment will re-program your epigenome in such a way as to unlock the divine code to your ancestral records that exist within your genetics and effect you in ways unimaginable. Return Home Africa for Africans will transform you back into the Gods and Goddesses you once were, get connected to ReturnHomeAfrica.