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Return Home Africa

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What should be the first steps in visiting or moving to Africa on the Return Home?


When visiting the continent, the first step is to be able to gather all the information you will need to make sure your visit or move is comfortable, stress free and well planned.

Return Home Africa has created a priority list below.

  1. Valid passport:Make sure that you have a passport that is no less that 6-8 months to its expiration date from date of travel when visiting, and 5 to 10 years for moving. You will be able to renew your passport at your nations Embassy in the country if necessary.  
  2. Country of Choice: There are 54 countries in Africa, the most popular countries for visiting and relocation for Africans of the Diaspora will be listed in Return Home Africa starting with the Republic of Ghana, the Gambia, Benin, Togo, Liberia asthe top choices for Africans of the Diaspora.
  3. Travel Ticket: Purchasing a ticket to the country of choice in a timely manner is essential in saving time and money. More importantly an ideal airline to choose is one that travels into Africa and hasdirect flights to your diaspora country.
    Examples are:
    Ethiopian Airlines
    Royal Air Morac
    Egypt Air
    British Airways
    Delta Airways 
  1. Visa: There are currently 20 countries in Africa that are Visa FREE or where you can obtain a visa upon arrival. Botswana, Comoros Islands (Visa on arrival), Ivory Coast, Djibouti (visa of arrival), Egypt (Visa on arrival), Equatorial Guinea, Lesotho, Malawi (Visa on arrival), Morocco, Namibia, Rwanda (Visa on arrival), Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania (Visa on arrival), Togo, Tunisia, Zambia (Visa on arrival),  and Zimbabwe (Visa on arrival). Other African nations that require visas are Ghana, Gabon*, Guinea, Sudan, Cameroon, Benin*, Nigeria*, D. Republic of Congo, Liberia, Uganda*, Somalia, Congo, Sierra Leone. (*Countries offering online Visas). Visa requirements will be listed on each countries page on Return Home site with the contacts, addresses, requirements and links to the websites of the countries Consulate that issues the visas, making it easy to acquire your visa.  
  2. Place of Stay: Return Home Africa will provide ideal suggested locations of stay for the country of choice whether it’s Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria etc. The hotels, motels or Airbnb that are listed on Return Home Africa will be Return Home friendly, members will receive discounts on many of locations for extended stays listed and or other incentives for visiting or relocating members.
  3. Vaccinations: Upon visiting your African country of choice there are vaccinations that are optional and are recommended by a doctor or nurse, these are not mandatory,

Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Cholera, Meningitis, Malaria and other routine vaccinations.

‘Yellow Fever’, Yellow fever vaccination is the ONLY mandatory vaccinations

  1. My family and I are contemplating to move to Africa how do I find a place to live?

When it comes to relocating to Africa, we know how big of a move this is for Africans of the Diaspora to Return Home. Finding a house or an apartment can be worrisome if you have not spent the time in the country of interest to look or find the ideal location. Here at Return Home Africa we do the hard work for you by supplying all the information and contacts you will need to secure the house, apartment, lands etc. that you are looking for all on one site. On each country’s page you will see land, houses, apartment availability on there, so that you can contact the seller, realtor or land and house owners directly to negotiate the terms or price.

  1. What about the possibility of a job or business opportunities?

The job and business opportunities vary within each country and within each city of the country that you plan on relocating to. The same as living in any country, a family or individuals should have a plan when it comes to financial stability. Know that the investment opportunities are enormous here on the continent when you are looking at future projection. Virtually every market of business is open to new investments whether small or large with potential for major growth. As a member of Return Home, you will have access to a list of job opportunities and contacts within the country’s page, also we will provide a list of diverse business opportunities and contacts for you to connect with the right areas of field of work or business that you are interested in.

Dual Citizenship

  1. How can I gain citizenship in the country I’m planning on just relocating to?

With the growing trend of the Africans of the Diaspora coming home African countries are adjusting laws to accommodate the Return Home. Ghana specifically has taken a step further to become the first African country that’s supports dual citizenship for the involuntary African diaspora. Involuntary African diaspora consist of people of African descent whose ancestors did not leave the continent voluntarily. These are the people whose ancestors were forced through the slave trade to leave their homes.

Under current US law a person can hold dual citizenship, any US citizen can hold dual citizenship with any African country. Below is a list of African countries that allow some form of dual citizenship, Algeria, Angola, Benin, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Comoros, Cape Verde, Tunisia, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Sudan, Somalia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Morocco, Mozambique, Mauritius, Libya, Uganda, Zambia, Madagascar, Sao Tome & Principie, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, and Nigeria.

On the countries page of interest on Return Home Africa you will find specifics on the ‘Citizenship’ and will have direct contacts to the offices of Immigration.

  1. Is citizenship necessary to live in the country or reside?

No, in most cases a work permit is granted by proper process for you to reside in any of the African countries. Particularly in Ghana work permit is usually valid for 1 year. A work permit specifies the name of the holder and a statement indicating that the holder is permitted to engage in employment, business or professional occupation specified in the work permit. This goes for most countries in Africa. On the Return Home Africa site you will have access to relevant information about residency in the country of choice.

Jobs / Work availability

  1. What are the job availabilities in African countries, can you give an example?

Like any other poll or stat, answers to questions like this are subjective to the type of work in the areas of your interest and skill set and professionalism, bear in mind that the cost of living is significantly cheaper in African countries than in other developed countries. Therefore, the currency and pay in the country of choice will suit the economic atmosphere wherever you relocate to. Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal for example are amongst some of the most stable economies in Africa, there are plenty of opportunities to work for NGO’s and government and private schools, international development, healthcare, medicine and education. Return Home Africa will provide a list of job opportunities on the page of the country upon which you are interested.  

  1. What are the areas of expertise or job professionals that are needed on the continent?

Africans of the Diaspora returning home most of whom have developed some sort of skill, job training and education will undoubtedly have opportunities in the growing industries of the continent. Whether in the fields of technology, education, construction and development, marketing and advertisement. Africa is an entrepreneur’s paradise, the creation of jobs holds major potential

Schools / Universities

  1. Can I continue my higher education in Africa, and how are the schools and universities?

Yes, there are public schools, private schools and semi-private throughout the continent. Of course, each country varies depending on the education and schooling interest. Each country has a variety of schools for children of all grades and terms. In most African countries, your budget does determine the quality of school that your children should or can attend. Return Home Africa will provide, to the best of our ability, the information on the schools and universities available in the countries and area in which you are interested.


  1. What is the currency exchange in Africa, compared to the U.S. dollar or British pound? How does it work?

The currencies of the world and the exchange rates within Africa, change daily. Therefore, in order to get information about the currency exchange, we suggest that a currency app converter is great to have as a tool for financial transactions while visiting and relocating, ex. currency converter app . It is highly suggested that Africans of the Diaspora take advantage of the exchange rate now that foreign currencies converted within the continent will give you significant exchange ratio, for instance in Ghana, $1 U.S. = ₵5.5783 Ghana Cedi, this so essentially your one U.S. dollar will exchange for 5xs in Ghana. One British pound will exchange for 66.4628 Gambian Dalasi, these are examples. These figures fluctuate slightly with the world markets but essentially stay within an average exchange daily.

Technology/Travel Devices

  1. What do I need to know as it pertains to most used and popular companies of digital devices and product availability in Africa, such as Apple, Samsung etc.?

Samsung, Huawei, and Techno dominate the mid-range smart phone markets in the eastern hemisphere. When it comes to devices such as computers, Dell, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft are highly popular, handheld devices such as phones and tablets its undoubtedly Samsung. Apple products are not as accessible in Africa, not entirely inaccessible, but not anywhere near accessible as Samsung as they take the lion’s share of the market when it comes to smartphones. So if you plan on traveling to or relocating to the continent makes sure that if you do have Apple products or others that you keep a few extra chargers, adapters and other accessories that you will need for your computers, tablets or phones.

  1. Will Ineed special adapters for these devices that I am bringing? I heard that the electric system is quite different from the West and Europe, can you explain?

Yes, for most that have not travelled, it may come to a surprise that the outlets that you maybe accustomed to are different from the continent. In Africa you will need to have an adapter for your electronic devices in order to plug or recharge in the country of relocation or when visiting. You can purchase these adaptors in Africa or before you travel, it can be very inconvenient to land and not have a proper adapter to charge your phone, computer or tablet.

Lands / Property / Real Estate

  1. Can I as a Diaspora African returning,purchase lands or property in the country of my choosing?

Yes, purchasing lands and property of course varies depending on the country in which you choose, the size, location and neighborhood, habitat density and distance from a central city, all these factors play a part. Of course, prime locations attract an upper class, expatriates and foreigners. The criteria also vary depending on the country itself. For instance, countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda and Mauritius have free property markets meaning foreigners may acquire and own property, depending on the type of land. Main land categories can be accessed easily, and lands owned by the governments can be acquired upon application and approval.

  1. How do I acquire land or property on the continent?

Here at Return Home Africa our members will have access to the best deals and offerings of land, residential properties (apartments and houses), commercial, and other real estate availabilities on the page of the country in which you choose.  Return Home Africa will connect you directly with the realtors and land owners in such a way that any member will be given the best options in purchasing lands and or rental properties available.

Please look on the page in which country you are planning to relocate or move to, there you will see all of the options available for you.