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Return Home Africa has listened to the concerns of Africans of the Diaspora in their quest to relocate back to Africa.  We are offering the opportunity to be a part of the ‘Great Awakening’ for Africans and African Americans living in this day and time.

Return Home Africa is a bridge to the ‘Gateway to Freedom’ for us to enjoy the lands, cultures of our ancestors and the resources and sustenance provided to Africans on the continent, all available to you with enormous opportunities.

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 Return Home Africa membership will provide the right guidance and direction from trusted government institutions and sources, leading industrial investment agencies and reliable information for sources of properties, lands and open markets all geared toward providing members with simple fundamental steps of success in your Return Home.

We know that this is a life-changing decision that takes planning and hands on information retrieval is a task for those who have limited resources. Return Home Africa does the difficult work for you, your family, or your business!

 Return Home Africa will provide members with highly valued information that will directly contribute in assisting to help you make the best decisions for your return, saving you thousands of dollars in time, travel agency fees and other cost.

Return Home Africa will give you a sense of security by providing you with the information updates needed in saving time and finances, so when it’s time for you to Return Home to the continent, you will be well prepared.

RHA Membership Rewards

• Return Home Africa saves you hundreds of dollars in time spent in travelling, hiring real estate agents, salesmen’s commission, or traveling to Africa prematurely. Return Home Africa brings the information to you for a small monthly fee.

Members will receive discounts at selected hotels, scheduled tours, and other services that has partnered with RHA.

• Members will save money by not having additional finders fees, or hidden fees attached to purchased property or lands commercial or private.

• Members will have updated property and land availability in Ghana, with confirmed legitimacy of property by owners and sellers through Return Home Africa.

• Members will have successful Citizenship Assistance, best investment opportunities, family, and business relocation assistance and more.

• Members will be provided with continuous updates and emails as it relates to African Diaspora programs, welcoming events, workshops, cultural activities, also a monthly newsletter with updated information of African Diaspora interest in the community and national levels.

• Members will have access to RHA agents, to answer questions and assist in inquiries as it relates to your concerns about your RHA membership.

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Subscription $4.99 Monthly Membership.

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Return Home Africa takes privacy and security seriously and we adhere to all national and international laws governing ecommerce transactions, through our secure payment center.

RHA agents will not ask, solicit nor request payment through alternate methods outside of website payment page with email receipt verification.

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