Return Home Africa Membership Incentives

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Thank you for your inquiry into becoming a Return Home Africa member.

You are more than welcome. The opportunity to be a part of the ‘Greatest Awakening’ is upon each African of the Diaspora living in this day and time, the opening of the ‘Gateway to Freedom’ for us to enjoy the lands and cultures of our ancestors… the opportunities are enormous.

You will enjoy what Africa has to offer you and will discover what you have that Africa needs…

All the Motherland is requesting of you is to get back in touch with her in your lifetime in a way that says you want to experience real freedom and liberty while securing a future for your family.

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Return Home Africa will help you connect to the continent in a more personal way.  Becoming a member of Return Home Africa gives you a sense of security by providing you with the information that is needed to save time and energy.

When you feel it’s the right time to take a trip, or permanently relocate business and family to the beautiful African continent, you will be well prepared.

Return Home Member perks

• Members will receive discounts at carefully selected Hotels, Scheduled Tours, and other amenities within the Country that you are visiting

• No additional Finders Fees, hidden fees.

Discounted property prices, both commercial and private, and lists of land availability in the partnered countries of interest. The various countries on the site will be in full support of Return Home Africa members in their transition back to their country of choice.

 Continuous updates and emails relating to African Diaspora programs. These include welcoming events, workshops, cultural practices workshops and also updates on community and nationally established interests for African Diasporans returning home.

 • Members will remain, for a lifetime and are guaranteed connection to the continent in more ways than one. This creates a secure and stable link to resources needed collectively for the Return Home movement.

• Members will have direct contact with staff from Return Home Africa to answer questions and assist in inquiries as they relate to your concerns in your Return.

 • Return Home Africa saves you hundreds of dollars in time spent in travelling, hiring real estate agents, salesmen commissions, and traveling prematurely for information. Return Home Africa brings the information to you for a small monthly fee. 

 • Be on the lookout for the launch date in February and the membership page!

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Thanks for supporting Return Home Africa!