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Why is the ‘Return Home’ to Africa so vital for the Survival of Our People?

african diasporans returnees home to Ghana - Year of return 2019

Returning Home Diaspora Africans and newly made Citizens of the Republic of Ghana

‘Year of Return 2019’

What are some of the positive effects of Returning Home to Africa?


Just as in any family, tribe, race, community or nation bonded by jus sanquinis ‘Right of Blood’ and jus soli ‘Right of Soil’ the African man, woman and child’s genes are rooted and bonded to the continent by land and blood from their matriarch and patriarch royal bloodlines of Afaf-Rayay-Kaa-u Africa, but when a specific gene pool are separated from the natural environment, and disconnected from the root of your family in the form of forced removals and other generational tragedies such as mass enslavement, killings beatings and other horrendous physical and mental traumas, very high levels of stress factors begin to re-shape your mind and body, internally.

The genetic markers that are passed on from mother and father to child are distorted because the environment combined with the experiences has caused very negative programming of the senses, sensitized, this alter their D.N.A overtime and through breeding.

Once a race, in experience of these many atrocities are being forcibly removed from their very own environment, under unnatural stress and shock, the mind and the body began to automatically activate the areas of the brain that are responsible for eating, aggression and even immune responses, adrenalines, and other factors causes these mechanism to work overtime continuously, once constantly exposed to these high stress environments.

The brain also switches on nerve circuits that ignite the body’s fight or flight responses as if it were life threatening danger. The continual brain activities from the responses to those stresses soon become imbedded and recorded in the genes of the ones who are experiencing and this in turn programs the genes in such a way the body begins to maintain a perpetual state of fear and stress even in non-threatening situations, such as a missed doctor’s appointment, or failed job interview.

Africans in American has been by far experiencing the highest-level of stress from the environment, just by existing in a foreign environment triggers these stress factors. When Africans in the Diaspora experience the lifetime combination of stress from finances, relationships, community, toppled with racism, discriminations, abuses, these chronic stresses dominant the entire existence, this is the importance of Return Home Africa.

This study of this science of genetic biology is called ‘epigenetics’. Which helps us overstand the effects of the African races experiencing much loss, loss of wealth, integrity, language and culture along with misplacement in foreign lands by foreign races. These traumas were and is continuously felt from the ancestors to their children who are still experiencing the results of these acts. Even until this very day it has become somewhat of a normalcy in the minds of our people and thus in their society. The Mucassu (Caucasian), Spanish, Portuguese and Arab propagated a racist doctrine to incur these stresses that spewed the superiority complexities of religious dominance to control, causing the brains of the Africans in the diaspora to be wired again to consistently live in a state of ‘fight or flight’ or fear through their spiritual bodies, the trauma of rejection is felt.  If the God of religion didn’t accept you as Africans, in life, now or through the afterlife, then you would thus live in another eternal perpetual existence of torture, burning and abuse, forever by God, in a place called ‘Hell’. 

This added yet another major 400 year fear factor to the psychic of Africans of the Diaspora. This is one of the main reasons why Africans raised in these foreign environments under foreign names, have many mental and physical health issues from the high levels of stress that effect the body adversely creating in the psyche a permanent state of ‘survival’ or ‘do or die’. The African diaspora has been existing in a permanent state of fear, anxiety, and other emotional and mental states even in sleep or rest, because of the 400-year existence outside of their natural nature, being abused and mis-used, simultaneously being stripped of all that would make him or her a human being. 

When an diaspora African Returns Home he or she is highly effected in a positive way by the visual images of greatness, productivity, culture, even hearing the indigenous languages, and the cooperation amongst our own, combined with experiences of the first time living or existing in your African race’s natural environment, lands, herbs and plants, water and air, with many, many, possibilities all of which once experienced will have an immediate positive effect upon the physiological makeup of the African race and their interaction with people of their own kind. This is physical healing received by your Return Home to Africa.

What effects has ‘Chronic Stress’ had on Africans of the Diaspora?

The chronic stresses, abuses and traumas experienced by the African race over the last 6,000 years, 400 years in the western hemisphere, particularly the Caribbean and Africans in America the U.S. is compared to like no other on the planet. Genetically speaking the physiological effects of these generational stresses and its effects and are just now beginning to be known. ‘Chronic Stress’ is not normal stress, it is created by a combination of perceived and actual stresses that are a part of integral everyday experiences in life by Africans of the diaspora.

From schools, universities and institutions, courts and judicial systems, demarginalization and regentrification, criminalization and large-scale incarceration, passed on from generation to generation. The detrimental health and mental trauma that Africans experience in daily life has contributed to the destruction of the mind and body of Africans of Diaspora, every institution, every branch of government, every police and military force that exist within the states and abroad has contributed to these stresses.

But what is not known by the African Diaspora specifically is the health effects of the ‘Chronic Stress’, and the internal results of these daily experience. Because these stresses are interpreted by the brain as a flight or fight scenario daily, the damaging effects causes the brain to re-wire itself to inherit the same ancient reaction likened unto a hunters response when he is confronted by a charging wild beast such as a saber tooth tiger so to speak without giving their actions time-consuming thought. Studies have found that African of the diaspora ‘flight or fight’ circuits are working overtime in response to the various stressors that exist within the fabric of society itself. Africans living in these areas are dying much faster that other species who don’t receive these generational chronic stresses day in and day out.

For his or her very own survival our race as a whole should be willing to in some way connect with the continent, it is vital to our survival that we Return Home, even if its just to visit and share your presence with your family on the continent, it is needed. Our ancestors will be pleased that we took the time to rid ourselves of the hostilities of racism and discrimination, that you took the time to consider the future of our children in foreign lands, that we took the time in this life to see the lands that belong to you, the riches that belong to you, the love and acceptance that your royal bloodline needs to experience what they hadn’t in four hundred years. Being emerged back to a natural environment that sees you as their own with open arms, this experience alone will assist in the healing of the genetic biological fields in which our ancestors reside.

They feed off what you are experienced in this day and time, this is how they stay connected to you through your genes. It only reasons through divine order that you as a child of your great family help heal them of the negative effects these experiences had in many of their deaths. Only you can make that change, survive and thrive Return Home to Africa and make your life complete.

Editor in Chief

Dr. Doosua York
(Nii Ayi Kushi Yorke Mpese I)