Learn Akan – Lesson 2 – Introduction to Twi Pronouns (Edinnsiananmu) | Twi Grammar

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Lesson 2: Twi Pronouns (Edinnsiananmu)

Welcome to the second lesson under the Twi Grammar module.

This module seeks to teach you the basic grammar rules that make up the Akan language.

Consider the passage below:

Akosua adi mfeɛ du.

Akosua is ten years old.

Akosua te Nkran, nanso Akosua kɔ sukuu wɔ Kumase.

Akosua lives in Accra, but Akosua schools in Kumasi.

Akosua gyina gyinapɛn nsia.

Akosua is in class six.

Aduane a Akosua pɛ pa ara ne fufuo. 

The food that Akosua likes best is fufu.

Did you notice anything odd in the passage above? Now, compare that with the one below:

Akosua adi mfeɛ du.

Akosua is ten years old.

Ɔte Nkran, nanso ɔkɔ sukuu wɔ Kumase.

She lives in Accra, but (she) schools in Kumasi.

Ɔgyina gyinapɛn nsia.

She is in class six.

Aduane a ɔpɛ pa ara ne fufuo. 

The food that she likes best is fufu.

In the first passage, we kept repeating the name ‘Akosua’. The repetitions made the whole stretch lose its flow.

So, what changed in the second version? We simply replaced ‘Akosua’ with what we call a ‘pronoun’ and, all of a sudden, the passage appeared to read much better. That is how important the pronouns of a language are, and they will be our focus for today’s lesson.

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