How Dr. Malachi York’s Vision of Returning Home to Africa has Become a Reality.

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Dr. Malachi Z. Kobina York Ocran.
b. Takoradi, Ghana (June 26th 1945 – Present).

The success of the opening of the ‘Door of Return’ in the Republic of Ghana in the year 2019 and ‘Beyond the Door’ in 2020 has become a historical marker of this day and time for many reasons. For Africans of the Diaspora and those of the continent it has marked the beginning of the manifestation of the prophecies of the days envisioned by our ancestors, and African leaders globally.

The time when we would be welcomed back with opened arms, after four hundred years of bondage in the western hemisphere. The welcoming would be without the hindrances, or obstacles placed upon us by any other race, creed or color, a true celebration of the remarkable resilience of our race ability to survive the worst atrocities committed against humanity. These are the days when Africa and its children are to celebrate our great reunion while re-establishing our lost ancestral links.

Sabeans of the diaspora - wu-sabat - Return Home Africa -

Africans of the Diaspora (Sabaeans of the Americas)

What is not known is that the Return Home to Africa movement, though it has been taught by many African iconic leaders over the years, none has been as successful as Dr. Malachi Z. Kobina York’s assistance with the initiation of  The Year of Return with the Republic of Ghana in as far back as 2009.

In 2008 Dr. Malachi Z. K. York sent a delegation of prominent members of diaspora Africans of the U.S. headed by Nii Ayi Kushi Yorke Mpese I, to the Republic of Ghana to champion in the initiative of Africans of the Diaspora Returning home to Africa.

The Ministries of Tourism responded with enthusiasm expressing that the request from Dr. Malachi York and his organization was in line with the Ministries of Tourism and the Republic of Ghana’s plan to attract large scale investors into the country. Dr. Malachi York’s influence with Africans of the diaspora as an iconic leader, and Ghanaian by blood, was the ideal channel for the mutually beneficial relationship for the continent and the diaspora.

What is now becoming known by Ghana and West Africa is the vast influence that Dr. Malachi York has with Africans of the Diaspora including the Caribbean, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Barbados, the Americas, the U.K. and throughout the globe. His influence stretches far and wide, beyond what was expected by the continent. The ‘Year of Return’ was so successful that it brought over 600,000 more tourist visas to the Republic of Ghana and an additional 1.9 billion dollars in revenue, as well as a host of A1 celebrities such as T.I., Lupita Nyong’o, Hisham Tawfiq, Danny Glover, Samuel Jackson, Ludacris, Steve Harvey and many more investors into the booming economy.

Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo - the year of return - door of return - beyond the door of return - return home africa -

Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo

Initiated the ‘The Door of Return’ through the Ministries of Tourism

The success of the ‘Door of Return’ pushed Ghana to continue the promise to Africans of the diaspora with ‘Beyond the Door’, a continuous multi-faceted partnership of government agencies with the mutual work of business venture capitalists, programs for the relocation of repatriated Africans, investors and real estate developers.

This continuation and model is the shining star that west Africa needs. The rest of the ECOWAS nations have undoubtedly started to follow suit in attracting large scale investors of the diaspora in a similar fashion to assist in the development of the continent. In fact within the next three years three additional countries have created similar programs to advance the Return Home.

Benin has the 2020 Gateway of Return, Nigeria has opened its doors, as well as Liberia with the ‘Journey Home’ and it is hoped that this model replicates itself throughout the continent and the true unity and freedom manifests for Dr. Malachi York and all Africans of the diaspora. We thank Dr. Malachi York and all the greats before us who laid the path by all their tireless sacrifices leading us to this day and time, making their vision of the ‘Return Home to Africa’ a true reality we can all participate in.


  1. “If You Are Not Helping, You Are Hurting” A Saying Of Dr. Malachi Z. Kobina York Ocran…

    I Am Over Joyed For The Assistance One Now Has, Through This Website, To Make It Back Home. To The Admin, I Speak For Alot Of Us To Say We Are Truly Grateful, & Appreciative With Divine Love For You Representing That Saying Above, And The Beloved One That Said It. Will Be Home Winter 2020. See Y’all Soon

  2. It’s very hard to leave the entrapments of the USA…Once the mind has broken free of those chains that has us in this imaginary confinements… Then it’s the lack of money, resources, and time to travel. Next it’s those thousands of negative lies that has been implanted in our minds about Africa, that has causes untold kinds of fears which has hinder us from even thinking about venturing out toward the shores of Africa. What is more paralyzing, is we are taught that we need the permission of the Human Beast to come back home.. We will travel to every country with pride in Europe and come back to brag about the trip and actually get praised for travelling to lands and homes of our enemy.. but mention to an African Here in America about travelling to Africa just for a vacation, and a ball of fear will comes up in our throats that will choke an elephant….

    It is so rewarding to know that there are places waiting with open arms to welcome us back home, when those Fears are Broken…

    I am so grateful and Humbled to be among those who Dr.Malachi Z.K.York Ocran had Touched, Taught and Mentally Freed, now yearning to return Home To Africa. I must mention that I am also Very Thankful to Dr. Doosua York for his hard work of travelling over to Ghana and Liberia at the request of Dr. Malachi Z.K.York Ocran to help set up things to make this move and welcoming possible, almost a decade ago… He also took that Giant step to move to, set up, and now live there in Ghana to prove to us Sebeans of Wu-Sabat that it could be done… And most of all for personally encouraging me toward my next move there. It’s been a long trip from not being able to name 5 African Countries or 3 African Foods to becoming fully ready to Return Home To Africa. So much Thanks is due To You, My Father and Master Teacher Ba’h Ba’h Yaanun in the physical form of Dr.Malachi Z.K.York Ocran for making this all possible. And to you Zumal-Nee Dr. Doosua York for your hard and inspiring works. 8-31-2020

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