Ghana’s Border Opening

Ghana's Border Opening - Return Home Africa - Photob By Ben Sutherland, Flickr
Ghana's Border Opening - Return Home Africa
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Return Home Africa Launches 19th October 2020

Securing Your Future in Africa’

The President of Ghana Nana Akufo Addo and his government of the Republic of Ghana has kept its promise to Africans of the Diaspora. In 2020 President Akufo-Addo, with the success of the ‘Year of Return’ bringing the world to Ghana in 2019, initiated ‘Beyond the Return 2020-2030′ in continuance of its commitment in manifesting and championing visions of  great African leaders’ quest for a unified people on the continent and abroad.

Pan-Africanist, and abolitionist leaders such as Duse Ali, Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Paul Cuffe and Martin Delany, and others all had their missions deeply rooted in the soil of liberation of the African Race.  Their mission to organize the African diaspora to build for self and kind on your own lands, with your own resources, returning home to Africa to help restore the glory of the continent a sentiment shared in principle and practice.   

Marcus Garvey August 17th, 1887 to June 10th, 1940
Marcus Garvey
August 17th, 1887 to June 10th, 1940

Marcus Garvey
August 17th, 1887 to June 10th, 1940

President and General of Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League

Marcus Garvey in his day and time, undoubtedly was one of the most successful heroes of the African race, leaving a legacy of leadership that touched 5 million blacks of the Americas, Caribbean and globally.

The UNIA at its height in 1919 obtained a 2 million membership, influencing the diaspora to maintain a sense of pride and organization.

The UNIA also encouraged a sense of pride of being an African while pursuing our highest potential in all aspects not just socially, morally and spiritually, but also economically.

Like Garvey’s leadership, the great Ghanaian author and Master Teacher Dr. Malachi York’s vision, has for 30 years taught the diaspora to Return Home to Africa.

A request that he had written to his country to open the way for the advancement of Africa’s development and prophetic dream of our unity.  

Dr Malachi Kobina York - Return Home Africa
H.E. Dr Malachi Z. K. York, Born June 26th, 1945 Takoradi, Ghana

H.E. Dr Malachi Z. K. York, Born June 26th, 1945 Takoradi, Ghana

‘Africa has Everything, and More than other Parts of the Planet Earth has. Africa does not Need Outsiders… It Needs Insiders, Africans to Return to Her…with All they have learned Outside of Her and Build, Build, Build’

 Dr. Malachi Kwabena Yorke Ocran

This is the promise that President Akufo Addo’s and his administration kept to the diaspora in 2019, as the continuous effort of championing our leaders’ vision.

Garvey’s influence on Ghana is evident by the country adopting the Black Star of their national flag from his shipping line named ‘Black Star Line’ as a symbol of the emancipation of Africa and unity against colonialism.

The Black Star shipping and passenger line traveled from the Americas to Africa, was to be black owned and black staffed for its voyages home.

“Africa For the Africans at Home and Abroad

“Never Forget that Intelligence Rules the World and Ignorance carries the Burden, Therefore Remove Yourself as Far as Possible from Ignorance and Seek a Far as Possible to Be Intelligent

Honorable Marcus Garvey

In today’s world the adjustment to a global pandemic has tested world governments and societies to socially take the precautionary measures of protection from this new deadly virus.

African nations such as Ghana took early preventive actions to protect their nationals such as lockdowns and border closure to prevent the spread. After six months, the country recorded 43,505 cases and has remarkably recovered from 41,532 of them, having technically in the population of 29 million only 1,973 active cases as of August 23.

Because of Ghana’s success in containment, it is now in talks of the re-opening its borders to the international community with limited flights. Return Home Africa is prepared to be of service to the diaspora Africans when this happens.

President of Ghana H. E. Nana Akufo-Addo

President of Ghana H. E. Nana Akufo-Addo

‘The name of Marcus Garvey will continue to bear testimony to the Necessity of the African peoples on both sides of the Atlantic coming together in mutual solidarity to advance the interest and the objectives of Black People everywhere in the World’

Nana Akufo-Addo

Return Home is set to launch on 19th October 2020, as the only service provider for the diaspora that offers members the essential, fundamental and very useful information to assist them in their integration back into the continent, all on one website.

A doorway has been created for the diaspora to connect back to Africa efficiently through its ‘Gateway’ which is Ghana. Return Home Africa is the ideal service provider of its type that works with government institutions, ministries, diaspora associations, investment companies and businesses all over West Africa to assist the diaspora in providing a network of grassroot resources and connection to the continent all from the comfort of your home.

Based in Ghana in the Eastern Region, Return Home Africa is preparing for the re-opening of Ghana’s border with a historical launch. 19/10

Stay Tuned… ‘Secure Your Future’   


  1. This the most exciting thing I have heard since the so called pandemic in the Americas. My organization will pass this information on to others as it will definately secure our future. We all appreciate your had work in putting this together for us to have a place from which we come to which we can return. Thank you to the President of Ghana and thank you all who partake in this monumental endeavor. We love you Ghana! We on our way home!

    D. Scott

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