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On a Return Home Africa conference call recently, one of the callers stated that he wanted to share ideas with like minded people on RHA (Return Home Africa).

So our good sister Tosin suggested a forum plugin that we could use.

And here we have it!

The Return Home Africa Forum is now ready and waiting for your posts.

Why Is It Important To Have Our Own Community Forums?

There have been many instances over the past few years of companies such as Facebook and YouTube closing down accounts or banning people, because they are not happy with what people have posted.

This on one hand could be viewed as a violation of free speech and free expression.

But on the other hand, if you had some one posting things that could get you in trouble or could negatively affect your bank balance, you’d probably ban that person too.

So rightly or wrongly, the various social media platforms can do that.

The advantage of having our own website and forum, is that we are in control of what’s allowed or not allowed.

Please use the forums as an information sharing resource.

There are only a few topics in there at the moment, but in time this will grow, AND you are welcome to suggest new categories.

Hope you have a great time in there!


  1. I’m planning to come to Ghana just need to apply for my passport..I cant wait just getting ready for the process 💞💕🇬🇭 ⚖🔒

  2. This Forum is a good idea. It would be great if there are people who have already moved to Africa, share their experiences and suggestions. My other comment is really for the Return Home Africa Team. I found this website by chance and didn’t know about it prior to a few days ago when I was looking at a video sent on a group, the video was not about RHA, there was a link so I clicked on the link and didn’t even read everything, I just completed the joining form because this is such a essential service. So please admin can you get this Service out there far and wide, as I believe many people would welcome it and become members. If I can be of any support please let me know.

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