African Diaspora Spending 2019

Classical African Afrakan indegenous civilizations before asiatic or european invasion
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African Diaspora: Spending 2019 Tops 1.3 Trillion
More than 216 Countries

 Time to Return Home Africa!

When it comes to the African story, Our-Story as Africans in the Americas, the Caribbean and other parts of the globe, there exist well-known narrations in foreign languages by other races of who, and what we are to the world. As a race, this honorable task should not be on anyone else to do, this has always been the job of the race itself. We must continue to inform the world of who we are, ourselves, it is an impossibility for others to tell it. The ancient stories of our African ancestors and their vast lands held by empires and dominions of various tribes who built grand edifices in civil societies, mastered the sciences and math’s universal language, the astrological and astronomical studies, ancient scripts and text cannot be ‘authenticated’ ‘authored’ or ‘authorized’ by anyone other than the authorities of that race in that day and time.

The Kingdoms of Kush (Egypt) Punt (Saba) (Southern Arabia and Africa)

Whether it is the oratorial records of various kingdoms of the continent flourishing like the Axsumite (Kushite) empire of 100 CE, or the 25th century Kingdom of Punt, or the complex narration surrounding relations between the colonial settlers on the lands, their story can only be told by witnesses of these events from the race themselves.

Even the interwoven cultural relationships of African Americans during the slave trade and the triumphs over 400 years of global and domestic abuse, both physical and mental bondage sparking the unprecedented events of our global unification, the modern day re-birth, glorious healing and renewing of their history, all must be told by the authorities who are to be trusted as authentic of that race concerned.

Return Home Africa is determined to tell our-story, our successes, progresses and the collective efforts championed by the leaders of Africans for the uplifting of Africans, globally pivoted in the development of the continent, all must be told from our very own and sources.

Our successes as Africans whether on the continent in the Americas or any place around the globe where we have met and overcome opposition, suppression, discrimination or the likes, only exhibits our strength, resolve and our will to not only survive as a species, but thrive.

Having the ability and supernatural power to defy the odds by surviving these atrocities can only be attributed to having the character of ‘Supreme Beings’, within our race. Having overcome foreign races diabolical efforts of annihilation, exploitation of us as human beings, through slavery and free labor, natural Nature has forced our eyes open into a collective awakening of who we really are and the power we possess.

When we as Africans decide to work together, our collective unity and accomplishments become even more effortless, executed with minimal thought and action.

For instance, when you look at the economic exploitation perpetrated against the African continent whether its human resources of slave labor for the building of modern day empires, or even its precious platinum metals, gold and minerals for four hundred year, a yearly calculation would reflect the amount of riches stolen from the continent, you would see figures in the high trillions.

Transatlantic Slave Trade Routes from West Africa to the Americas

In Ghana alone the gold stolen and exported by the Dutch, Spanish and the British from the former Gold Coast Colony, valued high enough to be able to feed the hungry around the entire world for 5 years and fuel the economy of all of Europe for hundreds of years.

The GDP of all European countries at that time combined was and still is incomparable to the very wealth that by natural Nature’s design has inherently been given to Africans to be the custodians of. Even in our suffering and abuse, Africans compassion for others did not allow the uncivilized and barbaric behaviors of foreign races against us, hinder or change the nurturing nature of Mother Africa, making the continent universal providers to the descendants of the African race and people around the world.  

The African diasporas economic contribution to the modern world’s development measured by sum or numbers cannot be calculated in a monetary sense. It has been forever hidden and veiled behind the face of European publicized successes rooted in a concept and doctrine of white privilege and superiority while withholding the facts of European and Caucasian races usurpations against the African and their displaced diaspora family.

We have been the financing human product and source of these modern-day European metropolitans and the wealth that they have accumulated today. By the strangulation of the veins of the African, and flow of the blood of free labor, Europeans nations were able to grow into so-called world powers building their heavy economies by continuous and perpetual exploitation.

Even in today’s global economic situation the diaspora African communities spending power in modern times and their financial contribution to the global economy in 2019 alone topped one hundred and eighty countries. Out of the 20 top trillion dollar economies of the world of 195 countries, only 14 of them had an economy stronger than that of the diaspora with more than 1.3 trillion dollars in global spending power that is Mexico in front at 1.32 trillion and Indonesia behind at 1.11 trillion dollars.

The African Diaspora without any centralized organized government, territory, or a fixed population have been able to sustain a top trillion-dollar economy without an established global banking system. These types of economies that steam national growth and sustain stable countries, the diaspora when properly organized can successfully fuel a healthy state if the desire willed with self-determination of the colonized displace peoples of the continent.

Many African nations in the 60’s with even less spending power but armed with the desire for freedom from oppression was the driving force in their quest for independence, forming nation-states free from the tyranny of European colonialism.

Once the African diaspora decide to take their contributions to the world in all notable fields of sciences and technology, engineering and medical fields, education and academics, organization and creation of systems of services turning, spending power into investment power for their own to build and care for in Africa then and only then can true irresistible and  irrevocable freedom be felt, in Africa. The Diaspora can structure it’s own society built for you, on your own lands without biasses or discrimination, having the economic power to come to Africa to a welcoming country such as Ghana, and build a future as great as any nation on earth. It’s up to you. The era for talking about the problems, has expired, the time for action is upon us, become a part of the solution. Its now or never!…Return Home Africa.

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